The Days of Vanishings: From Contracts

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The Days of Vanishings: From Contracts

The overwhelming warmth of these days have gradually begun fading and the nights have grown much colder. This is all still very new, and foreign to me, but somehow, some way, things just feel right. I know he is wandering within a strange space, suffering deep inside from all that has taken place. And while in a way, I am lost, I cannot help to wonder what a being who is as hurting as him could possibly hold that could benefit me.

The air has become breathable here, through you I can feel the wounds that you carry as you compare your scars to the ones which lie on others. Only, you remain ignorant to the fact that this is not necessary by any means for you have always flown within them, for their scars are truly not unknown to you. I know that the hours have shifted in their favor. The darker ones have now begun to make their ways out of their hidings, and are now plotting some dangerous actions while both you and I remain vulnerable.

The Twilight has always been a time of strife for you, so it seems. For now you know the inevitable wars are set to take place once again, but this time you are ready to fight, and I shall be your weapon and armor. Though while we still may remain far apart by the looks, in reality we have never been closer, and even closer we will become. You shall not die there, not yet, not now.

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