The Days of Vanishings: The Rising Tide

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The Days of Vanishings: The Rising Tide

We were never truly bounded here like many have once originally thought.┬áThere is a way that I know that exceeds far beyond what my heart has spoken to me, a way that I know that processes much faster, much quicker than that of the cells within my brain. I dream of waves in deep pools that breathe life into my very soul. There has been a different way which has been apart of me since I could remember. He seems to struggle, he tends to fight, and he is growing weaker. For now the waves that encompass us all are beginning to swallow up all that we know, flashing to us all that we’ve once knew.

It is at this time that actions must be taken for once I set out to save him, a Vanishing will take place. I know truly, we both will never exist the same every again. For the heights we both know as of now will only grow larger, and the sleepless night he knows now will only grow longer. With the brightest of the Dawn now behind us, we begin to take shelter as the coming of the Twilight and it’s wars are only a trail away.

With such tides engulfing us all, I can only pray that after these storms come to an end, a brighter future lies ahead.

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