The Day of Vanishings: THE CLIMB

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The Day of Vanishings: THE CLIMB

It came quicker than I had originally anticipated, and was nothing like I had ever imagined. To say my weaknesses, all of my weaknesses, were revealed at that very moment, would be an understatement. For during that moment, I saw all that I was, and all that I had been – right in front of my eyes. The exile had more of an effect on me than I had originally knew. Time and time now, the thoughts that flood my mind in another life through tightly shut eyes displayed how it has all affected me, and how it continues to do so up until this very moment. Some would say I was betrayed, some would say I was curse, I am to believe it was all of the strange timeline which I had tread thinly on, however, the back of my mind tells me it was of my own faults and weaknesses that had led to the exile.

But despite this, The Climb still stood, and the decision to continue on further towards the next set-out, or to remain unprepared and unworthy had to be made. For during that time, I knew I had been poisoned, and poisoned greatly. All this time, I had been so weak, but had not known why. My heart had fled me, my strength, my motivation, my thoughts, all of it, and I had not known why. Still yes, the poison freely flows throughout my veins and my bloodstream, infiltrated any vital organs it can attach it’s essence too. But beginning now, it is being extracted, slowly, but effectively. For over 3 years of poison has been exposed within me, this only leaves much fighting left to be done till it is completely gone.

I know time is running more thin than ever, for these beautiful new Dawns and Daybreaks are growing weaker by the day, as the strengthened forces of the twilight await their turn to shine once again. With this in mind, I know that time cannot be wasted any longer. For it was time I underestimated before, and that I shall never underestimate again. His life grows shorter by the day, heart growing weaker by the nights, in due time he will meet his end, but may that time come, I pray I will be of greater strength and higher heights to take on his legacy.


There was a time I was lost…But where am I now?

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