Intro The Days of Vanishings

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Intro The Days of Vanishings

My sense of direction has been changed ever since the exile. I knew eventually, if I were to remain alive, time would shift, and so would I. It was inevitable. You seemingly faded into nothingness, while I kept shifting along with the speeding times, leaping into holes and spaces that have taken me to a new place where I must choose my direction, where I must discover all that I had been searching for this entire time. These voices tell me that the planet has begun to spin at a strange speed, for guidings and movements have now begun to take place and greater truths are being revealed.

Still stuck in the longingness for you, my heart remains weak, but my soul has begun to grow stronger, stronger than it has ever been before. The position I must reach are of some greater heights; they are far from reach but I know now, I am more than capable than ever of reaching them. My openness for the fourth has recently come about, but deceiving traits, and tricks have been played upon me that continuously push me back a step.

Those who move in the shadows are working quicker than they ever have before, wars are brewing, and time are changing and soon, all that remains here will be shattered. It was inevitable that during this new era, we would all go our separate ways, never to speak of the chaotic past again. For I knew this, but never considered truly acknowledging it. For out of some strange force, I saw the future, only for my sight to be closed off after the exile took place.

These wars will soon hit my path, and the fighting will begin again. With that said I have now begun a period of concealment unlike any other. The growth must be substantial, for the days remaining after these rely on it. I am only days away now from my set out into this place of infinite spaces. It is not fear that grows within me now, but a strange feeling that reckons an era of change, like a infant departing the mother womb. We’ve all fought wars once together, we’ve even fought many against each other. But despite this, they will still remain my enemies of the past, yet some of my souls closest contacts. I shall always look upon them from the shadows, much like the higher ones look upon us.

For during this time, I have begun to go, but I have not strayed too far. I am always near, but not always in sight, it is now that this must take place. There is no going back from here. The newer path awaits.


I am now left to fight something else..

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