Aboves & Belows: The Invisible Cage

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Aboves & Belows: The Invisible Cage

For all times I have strived to reach what I had set in mind, there has always been something, unknowingly holding me back. Those day’s are long over, as the walls that had once entrapped me so, have crumbled to the grown, fallen from heights greater than I have ever reached, crashing at a force much stronger than when the crashing period took place for me.

Before the fall, I was weak, vulnerable, yet my soul still pressed on. These days have long past now, and now, at this very moment, I find myself only days away from surpassing the threshold I am currently fighting with right now. A force so strong, it seeks to pin me to the concrete of all things. This is no gravity, for gravity acts in a way even we still are ignorant to. This force is stronger, a force to change an entire world, a force that can determine life or death, a force that can either guide or misguide me.

My time has now run out in this state, as I must return to where gravity flows free, and time slows down. For the fight in me has grown stronger, but this light has grown weaker during this time of the new Dawn. I know as poisons spill and ooze from my skin, that I have a way’s to go. For dimmer nights, and brighter later Dawns await my presence, where I must fight this threshold face to face. For he is of a dangerous time, running alongside me, yet affecting my lines. To tread alone, is the true way of this journey, and I know this is the only way to obtain what I truly seek. I know they are there awaiting answers, as am I. And as for them applies to you, I am coming for you. But you must stay awake, you must keep your eyes open, for I am never truly seen. My light has dimmed.


“They all said I lost hope..”

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