Aboves & Belows: Coverings

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Aboves & Belows: Coverings

I knew sooner or later, time would twist and turn once again, forcing me to return to this state like before. Time is running out for me, as the final days of this stage have begun to take place. The threshold in which I must exceed is now in grasp, but in order to ascend to where I need to be, greater steaks must be taken. For poison has once infiltrated my veins, making it a slow shifting process for me to begin stirring within my own strength once again. Unlike the rest, you were the only one who saw right through this returning state. You knew what hid behind the coverings, and all it’s intentions. For because of your sight, it was able to become something it thought was never possible.

I can sense within the atmosphere that these days have begun to grow cooler, indicating my time here will soon be up once again. The landscapes I must begin to know are of some odd and infinite spaces, a place like no other, with dangerous waves lurking around every corner. Those who I am alike realize the wars that are soon to take place, and the shifting of times once again. Though this mourning period seems to only just begun, a dangerous time lies ahead, and it is for this now that I prepare for.

Though the fourth may be of some old and odd dimensions, or perhaps non existent at all, neither change the fact of what must begin to take place today. The inconvenience will be a great one as this will be my final farewell to those who have changed, and to those who have casted me out. Lack of comradery, and closeness comes at an advantage here; for I truly have nothing to lose, yet much to gain from this. I knew this new path would be a lonely one, especially since your vanishing, but perhaps much like you, this entire time, I needed to do the same.


I am no longer scared.

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