Aboves & Belows: The Divine Light

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Aboves & Belows: The Divine Light

Once I had begun to gradually flush out such poisons, it was clear to me that it had all been affecting something much grander on the everlasting scale. The darkness that has followed me into this land will soon make its first strike. This time of evolution is crucial. For a dimmer flow from within has been sparked, and a world has been tapped into that I had never imagined before. Perhaps this was the plan of the exile all along, to force me to become aware of the reality that will truly answer all the questions that had motivated me to set out on this tiring journey to begin with.

Often times I must remind myself that this must not all be in vain, and that you will never return. I realize this new light that I had only caught a glimpse of, holds the answers of the final frontiers, and can very well cast out the darkness that I have been treading from for so long. The multiple worlds that surround me now both above and below me will all be discovered and explored as soon as the new set-out takes place. Darker forces have begun to lurk even more as war is truly imminent. A fight of the new era is soon to take place, a fight that will define the tone for this new journey as a whole, and even now I am preparing myself.

It is safe to say that all fears I have once had, have been diminished down to almost nothing. Of course, there are those remnants of time within my mind that seek to throw me into eternal anguish, but even now I seem to be able to fight them without much harm done. The power that I seek now has been in-front of me all this time, and while I must continue to build this new vessel that will allow me to tap into this power, I do feel I am closer than ever to truly learning more about this new Advent and what is seeks to bring.


Time has shifted into the unknown.

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