Aboves & Belows: Intro of Poisons

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Aboves & Belows: Intro of Poisons

Lately I have been drifting off into an odd state, a dark state, a state that has been so hard to shake I would have thought it had originated from you. Endless hours may pass as I lie restless within this state, carrying a mind that is not my own, yet thoughts that feel so familiar. Bestowing images of wandering and various forms of architect, I still remain puzzled as to how all of this came to be. It would seem that, unknowingly, I have been brought back down to a level that is not of the state I seek to reach. My fingers may be quick to point, with my mouth too quick to gasp demands to those who are much more powerful than I am.

Before my mind could even begin to process what was going on, my heart and body gradually began to notify me of such practices. A distribution of infinite proportions, a plan conjured up by pure darkness, and an outcome convenient enough to stall just long enough to complete the task, has been at hand. I was tricked along with the rest, and captured, pinned to their world as they hide within the shadows. Even now, as my eyes slowly begin to open during this mourning period, I still find myself being caught within their shackles during the hours where my I tread weakest.

A silent war has very well begun, and while the war I may be fighting has nothing to do with them, I now realize I mustn’t be held captive any longer to their trickery. I know you, among very few, were free from such dark doings. You held a pure soul that was untouched, untainted from those who lurk within the shadows. To extract what has already been done to me, completion of the remaining days of this new evolution must take place. Either I will break under their control, or I will form onto higher ground, I still remain ignorant to the final outcome.


They still breathe in the dark, and so do I.

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