Aboves & Bellows: The Solemn Awakening

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Aboves & Bellows: The Solemn Awakening

Twisting and turning, shifting and spinning, while drifting in and out of sleep was nothing new to me. From strange cells running through my veins, to new visions and feelings that were not of my own, I knew that something was different.

As the sun had finally arisen and begun the Mourning period, I knew that the time to find this new path, this path that had been waiting to be discovered, the path that would lead me into the core of the new Advent, was intimate. As stated many times during the exit of the old era, I have been stuck in cycles for much too long, for something darker has been at pay, keeping me at it’s strings, entrapping me within it’s wings. It’s told lies of false futures, and it’s shown eyes of non-existing souls.

For so long, I have been told nothing but lies, for so long I have known nothing other than betrayal. After coming to this realization, I knew deep within my heart that there could be no other space within this journey aside from the fourth, the remainders, unfortunately, would only be seen as tools, as stepping stools; though cherished grately, they are to be there for reaching greater heights, and truly nothing more. It is perhaps better this way, as in the past, sharing this path with others led to nothing but loss, on both sides, I am told going about this route once again will only disturb the natural order of things.

The awakening was solemn, my soul has had many before, but you must realize, this is was the first of the new Advent. With it all still coming together, all still in progress, I am left wondering how exactly it will all end. What I do know now, is that nothing will ever be the same for me again. For now, in several ways, my lower self can move through and beyond the strange lands he still resides in, the strange lands where love once stood, the strange lands where death was born.

I was told that my time is soon to come to an end. I have little doubt in this, but as of now, it is not in my right to discover when that time is, for many other things are left to be discovered before then. The new path has finally presented itself to me, and I am ready to embark on the secrets it holds..

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