New Cycles & Beyond

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New Cycles & Beyond

It was all inevitable, to not see it coming was merely foolishness on my part. Those around have now begun to shift and spin in a very odd and eerie fashion. As soon, for what will feel like forever, they will be completely removed from my path. With it all of course beyond my control, and up to some greater, higher force, what I have once knew, what I have once cherished, what I have even hated is now finally being faded into the sunrises ray’s at the new Dawn fully sets in.

While I know soon, the Twilight will return for its first time in this new Advent, I also know that the trials and tribulations of this Morning period have not yet reached it’s peak. ¬†Accepting the lonely state of this current path, I now have, what feels to be a clearer state of mind, even though my heart may feel otherwise. Long ago, as the only one, you helped me find the light, the light I still am now coming to learn more and more about everyday, a light that holds a greater truth, something much larger, something much brighter and grander beyond the current cycles that I have come to know now.

While new cycles will soon be established as this brand new transition period sets off, this time, it will not be in vain, for if it is, I oath for my failures to cost me nothing less than my very own life and all that I am. A new force has now begun to grow inside of me, something that now seeks attention, nourishment, and more. This being will continue and exceed these new cycles, but until then, I am not worthy of it.

The forces which guide me on a daily basis continuously praise me for coming such a long ways, despite the failures I’ve made, the promises I’ve broken, the homes that I’ve left, and the time-lines I have crumbled. At this very moment, I sense a feeling from afar, from some large open plains calling me out. They speak of remembrance and clarity, and new life.

It is now that I seek to the guidance of the higher energies and powers to guide me for what will be perhaps the most crucial period since the first departure. I will grow tired, I will grow hungry, I may even grow weak, but I will not let it all go down into some darkened sea once again.

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