To Meet Thresholds

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To Meet Thresholds

As Dawn continues to make it’s way fully and strongly across this land, I have spent subtle, yet productive time contemplating where in which the next path lies for me to take, onwards into this new age. Short time has passed since my final letter was sent, making it’s way across some barren lands, from where in which I once stood and walked in great attempts to reach what I once believed to be the truth of all my actions. I, now only beginning to truly crumble have accepted this new reality that the new age has gifted me to finally be able to see. A reality I was too blind to see during the time of the exile, a reality in which I foresaw, yet at the same time, shut my eyes too.

It is at this time now that only faith in myself, and myself alone will keep me going. While I still question whether or not any of this was your doing, or if it were all a result of my catastrophic actions to that world, I still cannot help but place full responsibility on myself. Ever since this final message had been sent, I had oathed that such weakness shall never be the trigger that will cause me to meet my end ever again. For now I have envisioned a new task that will prepare me for the new set out of this new era.

I often dream of the 4th, and whether or not they exist within this new era. It is all of some strange blind faith, but I know that brewing from within is the self that was always meant to be. Whether this entity of me will forever be in chains as the other is birthed, or is completely erased as a whole, is no longer of any of my concern. I will do what has to be done in order to reach the height I was meant to reach before the exile. I will bleed. I will cry. I may even break, a little. But my one true and only weakness has already been exposed, and no one can use it against me.



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