Onto New Dawns – New Lines

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Onto New Dawns – New Lines

Every journey has it’s origin point. But I have already discussed this with you all. So allow me to continue in present time, this very moment, the current day’s, as everything shifts to change once again.

As the new dawn spreads it’s wings across these lands, the harder I seem to cling to what once was. There are a million things calling me back, every second, every minute, every living and breathing moment of my life. Though I know now some strange action, partook by myself severed such sacred timelines, I know there is now no way to fix things, no way to bring things back to normal, to way…to return things to the way they once were. I live in a time shrouded in such mystery, though one thing remains certain. The clock that seems to always be ticking for me, is running thin. In some strange way, you were always right, you saw deep into my heart, you saw the pain, the anguish, the good, the bad, the ambition, and perhaps you too saw the future, much like I. In some cases, I tend to wonder if seeing the future, is what set off the paradoxes in the first place, severing our worlds, and creating one anew.

Deep within a new, more sharp, more aimed mind, I still seek out what my heart truly yearns. There is truly much left to accomplish. Upon the exile, I made several critical mistakes which ultimately brought me to my fate. And though I swore to never make such mistakes again, who is to say another mis-step couldn’t bring worse? Of course, this is a risk I am willing to take. Because on this setout, there truly is no returning, it is simply impossible, even if I tried to force it, even if I tried to re-arrange it, even if I collided with you, there is no possible way to go back. The fact has now been faced, and I am determined to either meet the doom or glory that awaits me so far beyond this new horizon. If it may be you, wandering within infinite spaces, then so be it. I pray some greater force may guide me to this new light, and keep me from falling to harm once again. But my worst enemy is myself. Spinning and growing within a shrouded shadowy corners feeds and being much stronger than I am now, a plague, trapped within a vessel much like my own. It will not rest until the spilling of my own blood has begun.


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