Lights: New Heights

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Lights: New Heights


Drifting throughout the infinite string, we call time, I have now begun to witness the truth that my heat for so long has been longing to hear. For awhile now, I’ve known that the entire exile that took place roughly a few years ago, was ultimately my doing, my trigger, all caused by my failures, fears, and emotions. Though a new life will in fact cleanse my wrong doings, and offer a fresh slate, nothing will ever be able to erase the memories of loss, and pain that remain with me till this day. I’ve made it clear, time and time again, that it all started on empty platforms within cold stations, that was when I knew my fate was imminent.

But even once that day passed, the signs became even more clearer, that something darker wanted me to fall. And I feel that whatever that “something” was, is waiting for me here, now, to fall once again. But unlike then, still strung up within tight wires, on cellar floors, I can fight now, at least with the remaining energy I have left. I always promised that one day I would make things right again, I promise I’d fix the time, and work hard to make things exactly like how we dreamed. I, however, am beyond fixing at this point, yet some things can still be mended, and they will be mended. For during these final dark nights of the crossover period I will fight to return things to how they always meant to be. And though it will shake me, weaken me to an unfathomable level. A promise is a promise, I tend to break them at times, but this one I am guaranteed to keep.

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