Lights: The dying light

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Lights: The dying light


You inevitably reside inside of me, pulsing within my mind and my veins, you seek to takeover what once belonged to you. Even now, during this crossover into the new age, you seek to claim the life that you were once promised. I am forced to feel your pain, forced to fall whenever the longings shoot through your heart, I am forced sleep when your mind is tired of wandering, wishing, and thinking. Were are both two different entities, each of us desiring a different place in time, yet we both long for the same soul.

I once looked up at these dark as starry skies and knew in that moment that this light was bound to die. In those times however, paradoxes were at hand, and my mind was scattered. Since returning to origins, I know what must inevitably take place, I know what must die, and what must move on. Everyday a part of me is taken away, a layer of skin, ripped from it’s core. I bleed a blood of old, yet a blood that has been yearning to flow freely for an entire era.

I know you will not come to change any of this. It was never originally intended.  Resulting in my return to have immediate effect on this dying light, as the final crossover within this night begins.

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