Lights: Acceptance

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Lights: Acceptance


From a failure in their eyes, to a traitor in yours, it is clear to me now why the greater forces advise me to take this path alone. For eras ago I sought out a life that was the perfect match for my soul. Only after the alterations that would take place a few eras following would I then become chained to the oath that I have now, an oath that is on it’s last light, waiting to be renewed. In a way, time always seems to repeat itself, over and over again, yet at the same time, it disguises itself as something new, something different each time, just to throw us off. It’s during these dimming hours that these sorts of things truly come to mind. Futures gift me with some scattered visions of the fourth coming, yet my soul knows the path it must take until then, any other presence would be none other than burdens.

For years I’ve witnessed these winds pick up, and die off, some warm, some cold to the touch, but in the end, they have all faded, leaving this path still and silent. Foolishly my heart had once become reliant on one thing, and while this version of me still stalks these lands during some cold and starry nights; I wish to seek him out, and put an end to the burden he carries. For wires were what my soul had been trapped, abducted from some large plains, sent to some strange lands only to be abandoned, and soon exiled. No longer does this anger me, as for the most part, I’ve made peace with the past. Yet you still wander out there, somewhere deep within city lights. At long last, our clock is slowing down, and our end is near a simple action, could change the future. That much I’ve accepted.

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