The End Days: Nightfall

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With less than 31 days remaining until the new Advent, the pressure begins to truly close in, as all the promises in which I’ve made and kept must be carried out in their entirety. With the second sleep, only recently coming to a conclusion, the visions, and travels have now set in and my path should remain somewhat clearer now from here until the end of the current era. All proper arrangements have been made in order to make a successful transition, however the cold has also begun to set in, triggering more tiring acts on my part. With all of these festivities of salvation, and holy birth beginning, it only makes me think about the path in which I will have to take to truly start anew. While the exact directions of my whereabouts, and the land in which I must reside are still up in the air, blowing for miles, along with the wind. I feel I may be a step closer with everyday that goes by for truly learning where in which this place may be. For I know soon, the angels shall arrive once again to help guide me to the destiny in which I am destined to face. With the Afternoon now at it’s end, the night has very well settled in, and these days remain much darker than before. When Dawn will be seen by these eyes once again I remain not sure, but until the new Dawn, for in which the new Advent dwells, I shall travel to, and for this, and some new life is what I now strive for. 

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