The Catalyst Clip

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Many days have now in-fact past since the exile. Thought it still haunts me, like a re-occuring nightmare, it is beginning to fade, however still leaving me messages, and lessons with every flashback. What I have very recently though of as a beacon is nothing more but a re-occurring accusation of the lack of my strength. So today until further notice, quite possibly forever, I have stopped the pills, despite the lash-back that is surely to soon come. My time until the new Advent is nigh, however my tasks remain stockpiled, towering over me. The sun, which is now at it’s set shall soon mark the end of the beginning of the second sleep, and the dreams shall soon be re-occurring, like never before. With your constant vanishings,  and my restlessness, it’s simply only a recipe for disaster, however I still continue on as if things are to soon get better. And while in the coming day’s, I shall mark the celebration of the Evenings arrival, it leaves me now with some mysterious feeling of confusion, yet a rush and a burst of energy that carries my soul to the skies. Chaos, darkness, and confusion is always around. It surely will never leave, however when the light in you glows, you never really notice these things. Air will never be the same after these day’s,  and though I cannot predict the future so clearly, I can say, it would be a mistake for me to under-estimate the importance of these end-day’s. And so I begin again, making my way back to gravity.

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