Into the End Day’s: Time, Tasks & Travels

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Failure to follow these warnings could result in serious consequences

It came has come quickly, it was almost as if every moment led up to now never actually happened. But it has, but the most amazing part is….I’m still alive..

The first departure was sudden, yet necessary in every means to prepare for what is soon to come, the new Advent. However, I, still remaining quite stagnant for my taste for much am only now fulling coming to realization as to why these following happenings have occurred,  I’m sure the exact reasons..I will never come to know, but things surely remain clearer than before, it at first brought me to a more peaceful state. However, as time passed since the, though very little time, I have grown restless yet again. But now for a good cause. And now, I shall witness it to it’s fullest state. The sunset on this era shall soon take place, as these day’s grow much shorter than before, this Afternoon age must now soon depart, but knowing this only panics my nerves more. However I still struggle to determine if your echoes are still true, true to your true-self that is. For I will always do what you wish, but my heart also calls in other directions, these exact destination of these, are still unknown. But now, in the waking night, from today forward, I know things shall be different. While it is inevitable that the 2nd sleep is now set to land on my soul, another inevitable curse, that will surely slow me down from time to time, is about to take place. This however, can and will not ruin my pace during these waking hours. For time now is precious, yet at the same time dangerous, with too much at stake, I cannot make the same mistakes, conditions must be made, things are bound to change. And now, the calling of the rivers shall take place again, just like some 4 years ago of great healing, they must return. Besides, something much darker & sinister lies ahead, and while I’d hate to even dream what it is, I only know not being prepared would be nothing but foolish. So now,

~We Depart again.

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