In between The Lines

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I grow weary of the day I miss the suns dawn, I feel it’s only a matter of time until the day truly starts to leave me

behind. It’s a frightening situation, time as sacred as it is often plays it’s tricky and sticky acts on me, I, one oblivious to so much, 

am often unable to see through these actions. Heavy eyes can mean so much in a day to day life for me.

I can take the uncomfortable weight as a motivation to continue moving on, or to stop and let time catch up once again,

foolish me, I am much to lenient. But maybe if for once, if I decided to not be, would I be to much? Would my value decrease? Increase?

Pleasing souls sometimes feels much beyond what I am actually truly capable of as a wandering human. But sometimes, I just think about it. 

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