The Timeline Travels: Before the Cavern Walls

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Until this very day, it still rings in my ears, the screams of the raging wind, from the mighty storms that constantly stirred up deep within the chamber in which was the “Ice Cave”. The trail in which led me to walk through such a treacherous place, was quite similar to a trail that I am once again traveling now, in the modern future. The Cavern was a mere passing point, a place in which any soul seeking the ultimate salvation, had to overcome, had to endure, had to get out, alive. It has only now occurred to me that even though the “Ice Cave” was perhaps in which the most terrifying, struggle infested journey in which I have traveled, it is nothing compared to the chaos that lies ahead. However, today I am not discussing that, for that is in the future, and we, are now traveling the timelines long before the Cavern Walls.

       Long ago, during this age, certain steps, and decisions were taken and made in order to reach the life in which I desired to greatly, and had, what only seemed for a second, set hand on in the future, but is now gone, trapped, being slowly eaten away by some growing paradox. To re-trace these steps, and polish them, is the only way to gain back this life in which I so desire. The life where in which I was once, truly happy, content, satisfied, safe & sound. The steps, and the trail in which I take now, is a path of the past, a path long before the Cavern Walls, a path that will in which exploit my greatest weaknesses, my missed crucial steps, and all of the paradoxes I created that in which enabled my exile from the lands in which I sough to travel.

   Despite all of this that must be done, time is running out. For the new Advent is quickly approaching, and with the middle of the Afternoon period almost at it’s arrival. This is a look into everything in which you’ve missed, didn’t see, the same goes for me.

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