Day X: A Past & Decisions

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The inevitable has arrived, as these hours had made their final limits, it has now been made official that the time in which I had to make an official decision was now up, a path must have been chosen, and now, the journey must continue. It was revealed unto me today that the source and strength that I so seek, and have clanged too for so long, now remains somewhere beyond my minds limits, far from my reach, in it’s own deep sleep. It is too un-certain now to quickly judge this mysterious happening as betrayal, as too much remains unknown to me. But since my soul is now sworn to this source, my only option left is too wait, even if it takes me into eternity, unless the 4th is to come along. This force, this strange source, the 4th? Could it possibly exist. While all travelers much greater than me have engraved the fact into history that a 4th source could never exist, and anyone who was too seek the 4th would eventually be written out of life, as it were inevitable. As the 3rd lies fast asleep, beyond my reach, I am forced to choose a path without any guidance besides my own.  Where could this possibly send me too within the future? I am still unsure but odds point to something beyond what my mind can currently comprehend, the unknown of course. Since I have now begun my time-line travels it has been revealed to me that these certain journeys within this time-line travel must certainly point out my next true destination. These destinations are strangely being shouted to me as the lands of Castles, brighter destinations of the near future, that can only be truly visited by being granted acceptance from time-line manipulations. These lands of Castles must lead me to something greater, perhaps something similar, maybe the source in which I have grown so accustom to for existence, as without a doubt my soul is still under expiration timing without this source and energy. With the energy I have left, I must truly devote all that is remaining within my soul to make it too these lands yet to be discovered before the Dawn of the new Advent, or at least, before my soul has truly expired. This next sleep that is yet to come will surely be a burden for me as time is quite limited. This path I must now take will surely be lonely, as now I must re-build and re-struct all side monuments which have been broken long before these timeline travels. Perhaps if I am lucky, when this is all over, I shall find home. Until then, let the travels commence once again..

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