Day VIII – IX: The Blind Actions

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With day X so close to being upon me. Any remaining hope I had left for this ever ending nightmare to be untrue has seem to fade into something so small, not even the one with questionable eye could in vision this. My heart, which has been quiet for so long has seem to begun to speak to me once again. This is in which surprising as I expected the action of time line manipulation to science any sort of real-time senses in it’s entirety. It seems that for too long has my focus been seeking and retrieving on a certain object, an object so out of reach, but so essential for existence, that now I depend on it for my very existence. While stopping my search for this object will surely ensure the slow decay of my soul and it’s entirety, I sense there must be enough time left to seek and retrieve the other objects that will surely help me in my other objectives, unfortunately these objects will surely not bring further existence to my soul. Betrayal, one of the very few things I fear, something that was too common during the travels of the
Cavern Walls, but had in which seemed to fade once the Plains limits were discovered. I have now learned another essential lesson. While some believe you must hold onto yourself and all that you are, as this is the only thing thats worth, this is a certain degree. It has been proven time and time again that the soul cannot sustain itself, the soul needs the various other objects, energy in which we cannot visualize, too be able to remain existent. Those who do not obtain these objects, are those that I hope to save, somehow, someway. But my path to becoming one of them is unfortunately inevitable, but even to a greater degree, since my heart knows the truth, going down this road may be much more chaotic for me, who knows the truth, than the others, who do not know the truth. I must now strengthen myself and prepare for what seems to be yet another great war, a fight into the New Advent. However, I am often much to quick to jump the gun. With day X still yet to come, and 24hrs still remaining, much can still change within the time line, perhaps the actions I made on day VII will shift the outcomes that may happen this day X. One can only hope. My heart, soul, and mind, prays & dreams for a new liberation, a new, and brighter path to be discovered this day X.

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