The Monthly Calling: Codes & Directions

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Where have I been? Caught up in such a dreamy sleep, now my mind is turning. Last seen entering these forbidden out lands where souls have once tried to find the keys to their only existing fragment and now non are to be found.

What a world I must be in, such fields awaiting outside for some strange grace to be spread upon it like wildfire, or the rain that sets us all free when we are dry out of hope. My mind is twisting from this pain the cavern has left me, remnants of that wretched p place still bang at my door every morning, paining this heart once again.

But these lands still continue to call, my ears are open, my mind twisting, but still thinking, and my heart calling, so now curious about some miles and miles of deserted lands, I can only wonder where I will be lead?

Such a discovery is still yet to be found, I have entered past these gates and already, my heart and soul are in a ponder, how will I find my way? To grow and heal I feel these lands have to offer, but at the same time some evil forces continue to creep around these trees, and so I must stand my guard.

Again I lift my head to the dawning skype, the world is getting brighter, my direction sense of direction more poor that it’s ever been, the travels now commence.

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