The Winds Calling – A New Light (Dawns Salvation)

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Where do I stand now? During these intense times of shifting, falling’s, and change. I find myself lost within some mysterious world of wonder.  This Healing & Rising that has begun to take place within me shall continue as I travel far from out of these lands, for my morphing’s never truly come to a solid close. Though the sudden morphing’s in the sky on the other hand, act otherwise. These sky’s have begun to finally clear up, and a new light I can see has now begun to shine. A new light signifying the close of this era is truly nearer than ever before. However, my journey out of these land still continue, as the sky’s ahead of me seems to be foggy, misty, and full of mysteries, my heart and mind grows anxious, and I find myself trapped within a typhoon of wondering.

From the day the cavern collapsed,  I knew very well that my time within this era was limited. Whether that may have meant I would soon perish, or be carried into the new Advent, I have kept my head up, and sights set, despite the pains and longing that have grew within me day by day, and that are still growing this very moment.  For ahead of these lands, I sense a a distraction, a force in which will own my soul and all it’s entirety. Whether this may be a positive or negative force, I stand my guard, however my need to confront this force is oh so essential, this life of mine depends on it.

The discovery in which I have been searching for within these beautiful dawns have now been revealed. The opportunity to heal, to rise, to loose fear, and most importantly to receive this wished salvation. Though these scars remain for every living soul to see, let them now remain enacted on this flesh in-vain. The lengths of these scars, their endings on the flesh, represent to healing, the rising, the lack of fear, and salvation that these plains and dawns have bestowed upon me.

However, the hardships are far from over. Though my eyes may look clear as crystals, the vision in which they hold is not as clear. The future I may try to predict, may very well not be the future in which I will own. Accepting the unknown, probably one of the greatest struggles to overcome, must soon be established within me. To be ready for a war, or to be ready to receive peace, neither I cannot fully choose on my own. The limits to these lands are just ahead, a my body grows truly tried, still I pick up my pace once more, and race to this new light that is beginning to shine, truly ignorant of what lies ahead in the rest of these lands and beyond…

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