“The Rising”: Take what you have & Descend!

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The journey through these plains have been a great experience of “gaining” both internally and externally, strengths anew, and strengths we’ve lost since the Cavern Walls. Though we can spend an entire lifetime gathering what we “think” we may need, the most valuable, and thing to do is of course take action as soon as we can. We’ve learned from this journey that time does not wait, with this in mind, we take our knowledge gained, rise, and continue to grow upon it with the journey that lies ahead, never closing out our mind for new learning opportunities.

From this current day, I look upon the sky, and feel your warmth, although like always, I cannot see it. This morphing that is currently happening within the world above, it taking my view of all healing that I’ve once encountered. From this current day, I have learned that going make to this life of old, must never be done. For this is a time of Healing and Rising, the moment I take a turn back around, will be my last day journeying, for I and the great one all around knows that the darkness only awaits behind me to devour me and all that I am.

Taking what I have…Rising…like the sun everyday, though it may fall, it continues to rise back up day after day. No more shall these deep out-lands keep me down. Though I have begun to cherish these lands, I know something more, something greater, something more sacred, must lie ahead.

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