TAE Update: Coda re-scheduled, The Ice Cave Collection Release, TAE timeline for 2012, & more.

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Hey guys, 


Glake here bringing you a TheAdventEntries update, the first in a pretty long time. A lot of things have changed since the ending on The Ice Cave saga, as “The Prologue Plains” has said to be quite shorter than The Ice Cave, I have also said it is also a sub saga to “The Ice Cave” thus somewhat connecting the too. Keep in mind, the next full length Saga is soon be revealed. 

Throughout this year, a lot has not been going according to plan, but at the same time a few things have. This has led me to quickly “re-plan” quite a few things instead of rushing to get them done. This entry is mainly going to be focused around what you can expect from TAE from the rest of 2012, and even a few things into 2013. Of course, you must understand that TheAdventEntries is a journey, a virtual experience,  founded simply text based, but now focusing to expand and greater the journey experience. While this is at the same time my personal blog, a lot of these entries may be based off of real life events. My goal is to pull people in, and create something truly original for others to enjoy.


As announced in late January, The Ice Cave Poem collection has officially been finished. The original plan was to have it all edited and distributed to a fixed amount of people for thoughts by early Summer, unfortunately due to recent events, I was unable to meet this deadline. But worry not, both The Ice Cave collection along with all of “The Prologue Plains” poems will be released together as a full collection, and will be distributed in some form as a physical copy, as well as bit by bit being uploaded here on the TAE site.

Coda, another literature project for TheAdventEntries has as well been re-scheduled. Originally, I planned to be finished with Coda by the end of September. Though I would have been able to meet the deadline without a problem, I chose not too. I decided instead of continuing Coda this season, I would focus on making the conclusion of “The Prologue Plains” as best as I can. Since TTP isn’t all text based like Coda, it is much more time consuming, putting together NMV’s, Vlogs, and more. Instead, Coda will be continued at the end of Spring 2013.



* September 19th-30th: “The Healing. The Rising”

* October 1st – 12th: (The Healing, The Rising Concludes) Final chapter of The Prologue Plains Begins

*October 19th-21st: The new TAE Theme/Saga Begins

*January 1st 2013: The Ice Cave Collection begins distributed

Keep in mind this timeline is not even 1/4 of all the things coming from TAE from now until 2013, a lot of things you will have to wait until the new Saga begins, but until then, please enjoy the rest of “The Prologue Plains” journey.

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