The Healing: Unwanted Gravity

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If you have every struggled with something internally, you probably have experienced the unwanted pull in which whatever this negative force is has effect on you. It is truly quite miserable. In this time of healing, this pull, this desire to return to old, this law of unwanted gravity, must now be broken.

Within these Plains, much was lost,  fear, negative desires, old habits, and even connections that did not belong connected in the first place. Loosing some of these hurt more than others, however much is left remaining. I often find myself being pulled back to this wretched remaining pull, in which the Cavern walls have carved into my skin. Though now these plains offer a healing like non-other, a healing to the remains of what was done so long ago, to forget, to forgive, and to heal.

Though these beautiful dawns are now covered up by these morphing’s within the sky, making the remaining of my journey much darker than before, I still sense the warmth of the entire land, and what it has to offer. The darkness that has in which once drifted behind me, now seems faded. However, the winds to warn me of the mighty darkness that lies beyond these plains. Forcing my soul like never before, I shall let the wind rid this wretched gravity, and live freely from my sins in which have held me back before.



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