“The Healing The Rising” You are invited.

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You have watched TAE wanderer travel through the darkest times, deep within the cold Caverns walls. The first theme from this “Places” saga. If you have followed TheAdventEntries throughout the time of the Ice Cave era, you will know that that time was a time of hardship, and survival. Daily life was changed drastically, habits were made, and the very soul suffered the costs immensely. As we safely exited the Caverns walls, we experienced the very collapse of the the cave and it’s entirety before our eyes, as it tumbled us down onto a vast land we were yet to discover. As I entered the plains gates, I knew this would have to be a time of discovering, learning, and much travel to find the secrets that are yet to be discovered. The Suns astounding dawn in which rose above my head, was a sign of a new era that is soon to arrive, just as the collapse of the cavern spoke to me as something new to come.

But now the wind calls to me that these Plains limits will soon be revealed, as a new light, as well as a new dark will soon be exposed. As I slowly come together as oneself once again, I prepare for a morphing within myself, just as the morphing’s in the sky have begun to happen. From all the damage that has been done, to the strength for the tasks and the era that lies ahead, a sudden healing, and gradual rising must be done. It is essential. This is “The Healing, The Rising”


This new sub- theme “The HealingThe Rising” will include several posts dedicated to this sub-theme that will journey you through this morphing process that is taking place. You will learn and experience the journey that will take place as we begin preparation for our final sub-theme as well as the end of “The Prologue Plains” saga. Several posts from now until the end of the week will be released here on the site for everyone to read. I will also be doing some active things on twitter to promote this sub-theme, I’d like others to be apart of this Healing and Rising. Expect at least 3 new Nature Music Videos for this sub-theme to be uploaded on our Youtube channel throughout the rest of the month, and more! Please be apart of this critical time within “The Prologue Plains” saga.

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