The Winds Calling – Discoveries,The Plains Limit & End of the old era

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Fearless yet young and careless wayfarer I am. Still bruised by the hatred in which this world has bestowed upon me, I find myself running through these plains with little sense of direction. These winds seem to be taunting me by taking me back to some mysterious realms of old, yet still connected to the present time. These old faces in which I come across on a daily basis put me through some mysterious trance, where am I now? For so long, through many beautiful dawns, this sun I have witnessed is now beginning to take a shape of something new, these lands look different, as the darkness I have sensed ahead is now becoming much more visible. As this sun evolves, some wandering clouds are taking stance, these dawns in which I witnessed are now growing shorter, yet even not visible. I am struck-en with some strange feeling, a feeling to concern, yet at the same time much hope lives within this heart.

The figure in which I have been chasing for oh so long tends to come and go as it pleases. My mind is confused yet my heart still knows what is right. I continue to press on. The winds here that have guided me for so long are now speaking out to me once again as my heart is as well. I am being told that the time growing within this place is growing significantly shorter, yet the distance that lies far ahead of me seems to span millions of miles.  A strange sadness is present within this heart of my time, these lands in which have liberated me from the wretched cavern walls that once, now coming to an end. Though I feel like I have just found home, my heart tells me that some place beyond these lands await. For chaos, evil, hatred, is closest it’s even been to devouring the world and all that lies within it. All of the Goddesses of these lands, have now awoken, these strange crowds of people in which I have encountered are now far behind me, and now I am the only one. I, and the figure.

With the rest of these lands to cover, and some strange morphing happening within the skies. I now harvest my energy, and prepare for the great closing in which is to happen further within these lands, and beyond. As the winds call the new Advent is now growing upon us, closer with every minute that passes, my eyes focused ahead, my heart on the mysterious place that lies ahead, and my mind clouded, much like the skies above me, I press on to establish these discoveries I have set out for.

-“Oh mysterious figure vanishing in what seems to be thin air, please come and face me eye to eye for one last time.”…

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