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Coming Soon: “Islander 3″ & Return of “The Healing, The Rising”

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This has been one crazy year over at the Advent Entries, as there has been more activity going on since the project first kicked off. With the end of “The Ice Cave” saga in January, following up with “The Prologue Plains” in the Spring, and now kicking off the brand new journey, and final saga of the “Places” chapter, “Castles”. The transition into Castles has been a tough one, with tons of new things going on for me, it’s hard to get things out as quickly as one would like too, however more content is on the way! Especially as January quickly approaches.

2013 marks the year of the Dawn of the New Advent. While we still must confront nightfall, a brand new Dawn and era is upon us as we begin to leave this Advent of old behind us with 2013’s arrival. Coming January 2013 will be the first heavily media based monthly theme “Islander 3″ this theme will be very unique, unlike any other. While you will just have to wait and see what it all entails, I must say now, that you should definitely head over to if you don’t want to miss anything! “Islander 3″ light the torch for more journeys down the road, and will be the prime theme for kicking off “Castles” in the beginning of the new year. I  really hope you enjoy what’s coming and what this entire theme will entail and bring.

With many new journeys, chapters, and travels kicking off, something in which I’ve started awhile back as the final transition from “The Prologue Plains” to “Castles” will be making it’s way back onto the scene in 2013 as both apart of TheAdventEntries & The Virtual Cavern, this is “The Healing, The Rising”. Originally the final chapter to “The Prologue Plains” will soon become it’s stand alone meaning, mission, goal, and journey of it’s own side by TAE, and TVC2013. With the return of “The Healing, The Rising” it will, this time around, be strongly focused on the life of others, stories of others, and a journey of recovery and following dreams. While I plan for this to become eventually a permanent part of TVC2013, I cannot say the same for TAE, as of now it is undetermined. Nevertheless, please follow @AdventEntries on Twitter to help kick of “The Healing, The Rising’s” return in 2013!

What will now be the second year in the books since the birth of TAE, I welcome with open arms the year of 2013, and the new Advent that it shall bring with it. The new journey is only just getting started, now is the time to join the story, the life, the new world, Castles.




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TAE Update: Coda re-scheduled, The Ice Cave Collection Release, TAE timeline for 2012, & more.

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Hey guys, 


Glake here bringing you a TheAdventEntries update, the first in a pretty long time. A lot of things have changed since the ending on The Ice Cave saga, as “The Prologue Plains” has said to be quite shorter than The Ice Cave, I have also said it is also a sub saga to “The Ice Cave” thus somewhat connecting the too. Keep in mind, the next full length Saga is soon be revealed. 

Throughout this year, a lot has not been going according to plan, but at the same time a few things have. This has led me to quickly “re-plan” quite a few things instead of rushing to get them done. This entry is mainly going to be focused around what you can expect from TAE from the rest of 2012, and even a few things into 2013. Of course, you must understand that TheAdventEntries is a journey, a virtual experience,  founded simply text based, but now focusing to expand and greater the journey experience. While this is at the same time my personal blog, a lot of these entries may be based off of real life events. My goal is to pull people in, and create something truly original for others to enjoy.


As announced in late January, The Ice Cave Poem collection has officially been finished. The original plan was to have it all edited and distributed to a fixed amount of people for thoughts by early Summer, unfortunately due to recent events, I was unable to meet this deadline. But worry not, both The Ice Cave collection along with all of “The Prologue Plains” poems will be released together as a full collection, and will be distributed in some form as a physical copy, as well as bit by bit being uploaded here on the TAE site.

Coda, another literature project for TheAdventEntries has as well been re-scheduled. Originally, I planned to be finished with Coda by the end of September. Though I would have been able to meet the deadline without a problem, I chose not too. I decided instead of continuing Coda this season, I would focus on making the conclusion of “The Prologue Plains” as best as I can. Since TTP isn’t all text based like Coda, it is much more time consuming, putting together NMV’s, Vlogs, and more. Instead, Coda will be continued at the end of Spring 2013.



* September 19th-30th: “The Healing. The Rising”

* October 1st – 12th: (The Healing, The Rising Concludes) Final chapter of The Prologue Plains Begins

*October 19th-21st: The new TAE Theme/Saga Begins

*January 1st 2013: The Ice Cave Collection begins distributed

Keep in mind this timeline is not even 1/4 of all the things coming from TAE from now until 2013, a lot of things you will have to wait until the new Saga begins, but until then, please enjoy the rest of “The Prologue Plains” journey.

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New YouTube TAE Content Details!

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It has been awhile since I have last made the very strange video, on the official TAE YouTube channel. Unfortunately that first YouTube did not come out as great as I would have liked it too. Nonetheless, that did not stop me from further planning and developing more YouTube video’s that are set to be uploaded. This short little entry will contain the upcoming Youtube Videos that will be uploaded or in other words, the new mini series that will be started on the TAE Youtube channel. Video’s for these series are set to come as soon as next week, so please subscribe to to keep up on all of the vids on the way. Without further a-due, here is the new content with brief descriptions that is on the way :)


  • The Advent Entries Vlog
-A weekly vlog pertaining to the recent updates, happenings, and news regarding everything TAE related. In other words, any posts or informative posts put out on Blog will be included and discussed but more in-depth in these videos.
  • The Morning Messenger 
- A series of brief video uploads that will feature the joys, thoughts, happenings, and experiences of what the early morning has to offer. These videos will be from weekly to occasionally uploaded.
  • The Prologue Plains NMV/RMV
-A reality or natural music video. These will be simple videos with random songs playing in the background with lyrics included. It’s something you must see to understand, these videos will be coming shortly :)
  • Beyond The Cavern walls Vlog
-A frequent yet brief Vlog pertaining to the activities, good, bad, and happenings within my life.
This is only a small portion of the new content that is heading to the Youtube Channel. Some things will be discussed at a later time, other thins will be more of a surprise. Again, I will try hard to entertain viewers as much as possible, at the same time keeping things realistic and informative. Please stay tuned on the Advent Entries YouTube channel for all the content that’s on the way :)

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Introduction: Welcome To the New Lands

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It’s been awhile since I’ve last made a “actual”, “down to earth” blog entry. This is going to be mostly one of those, so if this is what you’re here for, you’re in for quite a bit of luck today. Ever since the 1st of January, the official ending of the Ice Cave era, I have been in a very strange state, a slump, but at the same time right on the edge of getting’s things done at a very serious pace. If you have been following any of my other projects it’s pretty obvious that the recent changes that have taken place, have only taken place because ever since the first of January, I have came into some consistent money that has been helping me out quite a bit in all of my doings. A lot of things have changed for the better, and as foolish as I once was in the past, thinking that this year would play out decent and organized, we are only in roughly the 4th month of 2012 and already the stress has begun.

While in this slump, I have only very recently been able to pull myself together and start really getting down with the things that have to be done. With the unmotivated effect that January and February often have had on me ever since I was a child, it is no surprise that things are not finally starting to bloom inside of me in March. But while this blooming continues, and I leave this slump, life itself continues to harsh-en and I now can begin to visualize the struggles that are waiting for me ahead of these plains. Though now, less walls are around me and much opportunity is  available, but at the same time, consequences are waiting around every corner.

So! Exiting the emo side of this entry, I guess I can get into the main things I’d like to talk about. The first being some new “TAE” theme featured, and content things I will be doing in the coming month, as well as a new literature based project I will be working on this Spring/Summer.  As hard as I try to come up with fun, new, and interactive ideas for TAE , I am always open for new suggestions so please do not shy away from shooting me ideas!

If you have been following the TAE twitter, you may have known that I started a YouTube channel for all things TAE related. I have on video out right now which is mainly a TAE/Prologue Plains announcement video, so if you have not watched that yet, please head over and check it out! The content that will be on the Youtube channel will be a mix of different things. Vlogs of course will be on the channel, as cliche that is, it would be stupid of me not to include them. I will also be uploading teasers, talks/discussions on various life related topics, and a more RTMV type of content “Real Time Music Video”, I won’t go to far into discussion about that aspect, but these are just a few things that are coming with more things on the way as ideas develop. Also into the TAE website I’ll be adding in medias bars for quick access, music, daily readings, and much more. Overall, I will really be pushing tons of new things on the TAE side of things within these next few months.

And lastly is the new writing project I am starting on. In case anyone reading does not know, the Poem Collection “The Ice Cave” has officially been finished, and was finished early February, including approximately 100 poems. In the announcement video, I mention “The Prologue Plains” A sort of continuation of The Ice Cave, but as well as a short collection of 30 Poems, which I will be working on, carefully to make them the best as I can from now until probably the end of Summer. This new writing project is more story based than strictly poetry such as “The Ice Cave” was, though which will still contain poetry elements. This new project will also be tied quite deeply to a writing project I started a few years back, but only just decided to continue in a different order. I can not speak to much about at this time, but another thing I will mention is that it will be written in a more Screen play/Play format. Please keep your eyes out on for further developments regarding the project.

If you’ve gotten this far within this entry, I’d like to thank you for checking out the new Blog as well as reading this update. I’m working hard, and brainstorming tons to come up with new ideas to bring readers in, but as of now, if you like what you read, subscribe, favorite, etc it will be very greatly appreciated.  More entries will be coming more frequently as well as on the way so please keep a look out, until next time, Peace!

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