The Prologue Plains

A Figure From the Outlands

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To whom it may concern,

I can feel the air has now begun to chill, I cannot sleep, so restless I remain, yet my soul feels somewhat at peace.

These beautiful dawns I have witnessed throughout all these times of traveling these mysterious plains have led me to  believe in hope more than I have ever dreamed of,

but now, some sudden fading has begun. I now witness some strange darkness arising, and forming within these skies, latching onto my skin I am now troubled  once again.

For I know that for every era that ends, the past will come back to haunt me and take me with, the new advent, leaving me behind with the darkness that flows.

These winds, now with their sudden chilling often occurring,  sing to me that some mysterious salvation is within reach, although  I feel this is so far out of grasp,  my heart can sense it.

This dark figure,  moving rapidly within these plains, shaking me up inside. Your eyes captivate me, pulling me back to some place of old, where I am weak, long before this road was 

discovered. These clouds are becoming thicker, and these dawns, becoming shorter with every moment that passes, my time here is almost up. My fear of traveling these lands , this road,

has now vanished, much like these dawns are beginning to do. But my fear for what lies beyond these lands grow thicker, for I am weak. Drawing this ancient strength I have within me,

yet very limited, I press on down these roads in which my heart tells me too, with  still much left too discover but my time growing shorter, no second must go to waist. 

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The Winds Calling – Traveling Down Treasures & Racing to the Sunset

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Every journey, every path, every road, walked by men & woman, has always come to an end, for as long as these journeys are taken while within the physical embodiment, only a fragment of our true selves. Many, many mornings now I have seen the beautiful dawn, in which those have wandered, suffered, or even awoken before me have witnessed. Though my mind remain spinning in what seems an infinite state, out of some unknown, aspiration, a feeling still hidden secretly from within, I continue to go on. At times I feel so infinitely far from the final moment these travels will inevitably present me with. A moment, that will put an end to all the chaos, hatred, confusion, and evil these paths have presented me with thus far. And though this moment feels quite far away, I cannot but help feel it is too close for comfort at the same time.

Though it seems to long ago, this exact day, awhile back, the frozen roads that brought me to these journeys presented themselves with me, only to change how this live were to be lived from this day forward. Though this is only a small fragment of what has brought me here today, I stand here, upon these plains, with tears in my eyes in remembrance of these days that have out of force changed the way I have inevitably become. Upon these lands lie many mysteries, many keys waiting to be discovered. Many dawns have past by my eyes, many dawns I have been lucky enough to capture, and keep the feeling saved deep within my heart, for even the eye that lies on her face cannot glimpse. 

The winds now fiercely express to me that the finals days of this Advent are now upon us, though my mind and body still trapped within these vast out-lands, I can too sense the importance of finally becoming free of this infinite space, and journey into what lies ahead within the Dawn of the new Advent. The winds themselves are the same icy winds that have traveled through the wretched cavern walls, the winds in which guided me to the salvation lands, the lands of healing, the land of the ability to start anew. But have I fully healed? Have I discovered the salvation that lies within? I am still puzzled by this so, and here I am, stuck in the middle of  these Plains. I know you stand, not so far from where I stand, still wondering your purpose, still stuck in some crazy frustration, waiting for your own salvation. Not confident if you are any of my business, I wish to seek you out . But for as slippery and strange you are, you can very well remain a shadow in the future. My eyes often look towards the skies, I can see these clouds yet a Sunset of some new light rolling in up over my head, one will infinitely rule out over the other. But with my time now very well limited, I pick up my pace seeking these keys and secrets, to find the ultimate exit of these bittersweet lands. And so now, I search for the end of all of this… 

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The Winds Calling: The Dark Dawns – Tracing Treasures of the Past

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The winds are blowing forcefully once again, but this time, like never before. I often stare back at the Cavern, collapsed in it’s entirety, and visualize the contents of the path that came before the

frozen tundra that once stood. These years have flew by so quickly, I am left backtracking all time that was drastically lost, scrounging for a source life, and the fragments left behind, 

in all of those mysterious moments of mine. Still cautiously remembering the roads that got me here, I can sense a dark dawn coming upon these open lands, something I have no choice

but to face and travel through. Though these lands in their entirety, so open, so vast, yet at the same time, close me in to something I have such an issue finding the true path.

As these beautiful dawns expand, I sense a clouding fighting it’s way in, where could my sense of direction possibly lie? The wind tells me such missing fragments, and un-resolved orders

are the key the to the invitation of some new and final dawning. Yet, how will I know when these things are solved? Some mysterious evil, tracing my trails for sometime now is drifting 

on my darkness and lower aura that this beautiful dawns exposes, I sense a war is near. If such a informative path does not exist, then perhaps my old trails may help me find

what is missing? I am closing in on my final chances, as time of this Advent runs very thin within this bloodline. Setting out on this new journey, I once again put eyes to the skies.

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In between The Lines

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I grow weary of the day I miss the suns dawn, I feel it’s only a matter of time until the day truly starts to leave me

behind. It’s a frightening situation, time as sacred as it is often plays it’s tricky and sticky acts on me, I, one oblivious to so much, 

am often unable to see through these actions. Heavy eyes can mean so much in a day to day life for me.

I can take the uncomfortable weight as a motivation to continue moving on, or to stop and let time catch up once again,

foolish me, I am much to lenient. But maybe if for once, if I decided to not be, would I be to much? Would my value decrease? Increase?

Pleasing souls sometimes feels much beyond what I am actually truly capable of as a wandering human. But sometimes, I just think about it. 

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The Monthly Calling: Codes & Directions

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Where have I been? Caught up in such a dreamy sleep, now my mind is turning. Last seen entering these forbidden out lands where souls have once tried to find the keys to their only existing fragment and now non are to be found.

What a world I must be in, such fields awaiting outside for some strange grace to be spread upon it like wildfire, or the rain that sets us all free when we are dry out of hope. My mind is twisting from this pain the cavern has left me, remnants of that wretched p place still bang at my door every morning, paining this heart once again.

But these lands still continue to call, my ears are open, my mind twisting, but still thinking, and my heart calling, so now curious about some miles and miles of deserted lands, I can only wonder where I will be lead?

Such a discovery is still yet to be found, I have entered past these gates and already, my heart and soul are in a ponder, how will I find my way? To grow and heal I feel these lands have to offer, but at the same time some evil forces continue to creep around these trees, and so I must stand my guard.

Again I lift my head to the dawning skype, the world is getting brighter, my direction sense of direction more poor that it’s ever been, the travels now commence.

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New YouTube TAE Content Details!

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It has been awhile since I have last made the very strange video, on the official TAE YouTube channel. Unfortunately that first YouTube did not come out as great as I would have liked it too. Nonetheless, that did not stop me from further planning and developing more YouTube video’s that are set to be uploaded. This short little entry will contain the upcoming Youtube Videos that will be uploaded or in other words, the new mini series that will be started on the TAE Youtube channel. Video’s for these series are set to come as soon as next week, so please subscribe to to keep up on all of the vids on the way. Without further a-due, here is the new content with brief descriptions that is on the way :)


  • The Advent Entries Vlog
-A weekly vlog pertaining to the recent updates, happenings, and news regarding everything TAE related. In other words, any posts or informative posts put out on Blog will be included and discussed but more in-depth in these videos.
  • The Morning Messenger 
- A series of brief video uploads that will feature the joys, thoughts, happenings, and experiences of what the early morning has to offer. These videos will be from weekly to occasionally uploaded.
  • The Prologue Plains NMV/RMV
-A reality or natural music video. These will be simple videos with random songs playing in the background with lyrics included. It’s something you must see to understand, these videos will be coming shortly :)
  • Beyond The Cavern walls Vlog
-A frequent yet brief Vlog pertaining to the activities, good, bad, and happenings within my life.
This is only a small portion of the new content that is heading to the Youtube Channel. Some things will be discussed at a later time, other thins will be more of a surprise. Again, I will try hard to entertain viewers as much as possible, at the same time keeping things realistic and informative. Please stay tuned on the Advent Entries YouTube channel for all the content that’s on the way :)

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