The Time Line Travels: THTR II, Before the Cavern walls, Paradox’s, & Day VII

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With Day VII now over with, the seals have been broken, the official act of time line traveling has begun. Since the our I step foot out, much looked cloudy, so similar to the past, like things once were. For this manipulation is for my own sake, my own sake of discovery and recovery in order to learn, and do what needs to be done in order to gain my acceptance back into the greater lands. With everything being as it once was, the past is more grim that what I once experienced before, however the overwhelming energy it provides me, is extremely self sustaining to say the least. The time I have remaining to connect with these past roots is dwindling down quickly,  and the decisions that must be made are spinning down at a rapid speed as well. Unfortunately, I still sense that I am perhaps missing something quite important, too important to miss, in order to choose this path and direction that in which needs to be made. I have never in-visioned traveling in one direction and one direction only, however as ironic as it is, one may only travel one direction at a time, but why does it seem that this is extremely contradictory too the exact outcome this “one” path may bring. It still remains quite unclear to me how exactly I must go about choosing these paths. All guidance is lost here in the past, things remain still, lonely empty, but oddly active at the same time. A world in which I knew ever corner from the back of my head, a world in which knew my existent, and treasured it to it’s fullest. This is why I must come back and attempt to fix the things that have happen throughout these empty periods in order to gain the acceptance needed into the new lands. The remaining question is how fast I can do it, how efficient, and how to remain intact with my strength dwindling every second, and with these sudden wars appearing from the blue. The situation is truly unfortunate, however, I do in fact remember choosing this path. Giving the whole hear-ted permission to have this burden on me, but why? and was is truly worth it? I could rid it all here, now, during these time line travels, far before the Cavern Walls, far before the First healing. With every remaining second until the new Advent that is in which counting down now, every moment counts, every action makes a enormous difference, every sunset will be every year in the new advent. I can only hope that this short journey I am about to endure will finally gain me the acceptance I have been seeking for so long. With only 3 days remaining things are still looking grim, but a decision must be made, a path must be chosen, otherwise my time here will surely remain in-grave.

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Day V-VI: End of the Line, A Vision of a Path Continued.

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As so I believed the scent of betrayal has still not left my width. With the end of  day 6 now here, the hope in which I had for this catastrophe to soon be resolved has still not yet revealed itself to me. Despite the sudden troubles that are going on now, I must now begin my final steps into gaining my acceptance back into the greater lands, for I have visioned the continuation of a path that I once sought to end. Not only this, but this vision has revealed much more promising areas and more hope than the previous straight path in which I sought to hard to walk. However, to gain this acceptance will not be easy, yet a test of my inner being, everything the three periods were preparing me for will now come to test now, from the Resurrection, to the Transformation, all the way to the Reconstruction in which is still happening this very moment, I strength shall be bested. If it be I am not strong enough yet to complete these tasks, my acceptance will not yet be gain, and the coming of the new Advent may leave me behind as I know it. The process of time manipulation and the discovery of some mysterious paradoxes are soon to take place. This is my next task I shall seek out to do come day VII. With only 4 days remaining the pressure is truly on me, as things are looking quite grim for the future that was supposed to be, time will only truly tell.




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Day III – IV: Sparks of Hope Again

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With only roughly 6 days remaining, on the third and fourth day I was fortunately presented with some sort of hope. However, at this point it time it is almost impossible to distinguish truth from lies. The sudden surprising news that was presented to be surely lifted my spirit, however at the same time, not too long after I was hit by a reminder regarding the short amount of time that I in fact have left. The first chunk of energy was stolen from me, indicating that the second sleep is soon to arrive. However, with not much time left, this is highly inconvenient. Fortunately, I am almost as the precise moment to begin time manipulation. The final step to gain my acceptance back into the lands that have in which exiled me. But with the decision of which path to take still at hand, and with only roughly 6 days remaining, I find myself at a stagger yet again. I have been foolish for too much of my faith has been put into others rather than into myself, now with the smell of betrayal still on my tail, I must somehow face allow this scent to drift on until I find the truth. The time remaining is oh so precious, and oh so important, probably more than I will ever know. These day’s have been used roughly for reflection only, and regaining the energy that was so quickly stolen from me.

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Day II: A Suggestion of a Fourth, Betrayals guide to salvation?

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With a sense of betrayal now on my tail. I am left once again with thoughts of a fourth making it’s appearance. Though I feel the odds of this happening to be extremely low, I feel at the same time that the possibility is at an all-time high. The day I hoped that would never come, the day in which I may be forced to take the fourth into consideration. With betrayal being such a common opponent throughout my past journey, even into the near present, I know too well when it has returned to challenge my yet again. With my soul already apart of the third vestige, taking the chances with the unknown fourth, in which my soul is not connected too, will only mean chaos for a possible eternity. However, with now only being gifted occasionally with visions, it would be foolish of me to try and predict the future, for fate has struck me wrong by presenting me the sudden exile. But if this smell of betrayal turns out to be present, could betrayal possibly a guide to some new salvation?, some new light in which I have yet to see? But why? and how? with so little time left until the New Advent it would be foolish, and to put the remaining remnants of my soul on the line yet again would only be suicide at the least. The heavens forbid it, and I have always did as well, however, I still question the lengths I would go too to earn full life again. For the fates have always fought against me.

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Day I: The Past & Morals, Tales of Remembrance.

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The years have marked great wounds on us all. Especially those of us that remain closer than others. Some of us are able to continue through time, embrace these marks, and are able to continue through our journey, without giving up, and seeing the marks as a motive to continue. Unfortunately, there are others that are not as strong, others that may just see the end to quickly, others that are too quick to jump the gun. I was like that once, in the far distant past, before the presence of the Cavern Walls. For now, I speak with the winds, follow the lights, and seek for the final resting place in which many Wayfarers are doing this very second. However, ever since my new travels had come to an abrupt stand still, I have been faced with many new Dilemma’s and small wars, as I’ve solemnly fought to gain my acceptance back into the new lands in which have sentenced exile onto my soul. Now with the hours remaining until the Dawn of the new Advent quickly dwindling down, I am faced with yet another Dilemma. There are very few in which I have truly put my all my heart, soul, and trust into, when these few people fade, relevance and worthiness of entrance into this New Advent decrease for me greatly, unless able to convince it otherwise. Beyond my control, life itself may have taken one of these few sacred people for it’s own. With this, time will inevitable change for me again, however once again I sense I am yet one step closer to finding my true resting place. Until this time, many answers are yet to be answered, however with only 10 days remaining until the direction must be chosen, a direction that will either lead me back into the lands that have which exiled me, or a direction that will forfeit me to a place still unknown. To my mind. It remains clear to be that time is running out.

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Time & Cities – The Rebirth Saga

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Ever since the Reconstruction process commenced, these thoughts in which I have been pondering on for so long have begun to come more clean to me. However, a new dilemma has now presented itself in front of me. With time, now so twisted and tied with it’s terrible fate, moving on back into the lands in which exiled me has only become so much more difficult. In this strange land in which I dwell in now, the calling winds have faded, for now, some mysterious lights, flashing sharp, glowing like a beautiful soul, seem to be seeking to guide me to where I need to go. With the middle of the Afternoon making it’s arrival so ever quickly, I know soon that these skies will become dark, and this era will come to an end. Curse my luck, for it seems the darkness that lurks within these shadows present during this sunset, seek to captivate me and lock me behind with the old era once the new sun rises. Oddly, this does not haunt me as much as it once did before. For my fear of death has now completely faded, for I know until the new era it is fated that I continue on this path alone, for I still walk the path of the Islander, and the greater odds are very well against me. I only pray that the suffering in which I now currently, and will face down the road will only bring about a brighter light for those less fortunate than I.

Before making my step back into the lands in which have exiled me, a new war waits to be fought. A war of time, a violence, vexed so greatly to it’s core, that it must travel through different periods to survive. For now I must retrace my steps, and fix what is wrong, and create what is right. With the clocks ticking ever so quickly than before, once again, just like in the wretched Cavern, I find myself attempting to make haste. A new time to heal and rise is now, for strength will be needed more now than ever before.



~We have come this far, but I have only now discovered a paradox which exists within your soul.

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