The Healing

The Healing, The Rising: Foundations

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The Healing, The Rising: Foundations

Originally kicked off back in the Summer of 2012, The Healing, the Rising has sought to be an article series here on TAE that explains the acts as well as the journey of overcoming struggles, and getting back on your feet after and or while they are concluding. Starting May 1st, THTR will return once again bringing it’s new chapter “Foundations” Articles will be much similar to what you have seen in the past, yet my goal is to get other people involved, and to truly establish the foundation of this new season of The Healing, The Rising. As apart of this, themed photos, articles, videos, and even possibly a fully dedicated music tracks, will now be strongly apart of the series, so please be on the lookout from May 1st on wards for this new content. The Healing ,The Rising: Foundations will last until October of this year.

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The Time Line Travels: THTR II, Before the Cavern walls, Paradox’s, & Day VII

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With Day VII now over with, the seals have been broken, the official act of time line traveling has begun. Since the our I step foot out, much looked cloudy, so similar to the past, like things once were. For this manipulation is for my own sake, my own sake of discovery and recovery in order to learn, and do what needs to be done in order to gain my acceptance back into the greater lands. With everything being as it once was, the past is more grim that what I once experienced before, however the overwhelming energy it provides me, is extremely self sustaining to say the least. The time I have remaining to connect with these past roots is dwindling down quickly,  and the decisions that must be made are spinning down at a rapid speed as well. Unfortunately, I still sense that I am perhaps missing something quite important, too important to miss, in order to choose this path and direction that in which needs to be made. I have never in-visioned traveling in one direction and one direction only, however as ironic as it is, one may only travel one direction at a time, but why does it seem that this is extremely contradictory too the exact outcome this “one” path may bring. It still remains quite unclear to me how exactly I must go about choosing these paths. All guidance is lost here in the past, things remain still, lonely empty, but oddly active at the same time. A world in which I knew ever corner from the back of my head, a world in which knew my existent, and treasured it to it’s fullest. This is why I must come back and attempt to fix the things that have happen throughout these empty periods in order to gain the acceptance needed into the new lands. The remaining question is how fast I can do it, how efficient, and how to remain intact with my strength dwindling every second, and with these sudden wars appearing from the blue. The situation is truly unfortunate, however, I do in fact remember choosing this path. Giving the whole hear-ted permission to have this burden on me, but why? and was is truly worth it? I could rid it all here, now, during these time line travels, far before the Cavern Walls, far before the First healing. With every remaining second until the new Advent that is in which counting down now, every moment counts, every action makes a enormous difference, every sunset will be every year in the new advent. I can only hope that this short journey I am about to endure will finally gain me the acceptance I have been seeking for so long. With only 3 days remaining things are still looking grim, but a decision must be made, a path must be chosen, otherwise my time here will surely remain in-grave.

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Coming Soon: “Islander 3″ & Return of “The Healing, The Rising”

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This has been one crazy year over at the Advent Entries, as there has been more activity going on since the project first kicked off. With the end of “The Ice Cave” saga in January, following up with “The Prologue Plains” in the Spring, and now kicking off the brand new journey, and final saga of the “Places” chapter, “Castles”. The transition into Castles has been a tough one, with tons of new things going on for me, it’s hard to get things out as quickly as one would like too, however more content is on the way! Especially as January quickly approaches.

2013 marks the year of the Dawn of the New Advent. While we still must confront nightfall, a brand new Dawn and era is upon us as we begin to leave this Advent of old behind us with 2013’s arrival. Coming January 2013 will be the first heavily media based monthly theme “Islander 3″ this theme will be very unique, unlike any other. While you will just have to wait and see what it all entails, I must say now, that you should definitely head over to if you don’t want to miss anything! “Islander 3″ light the torch for more journeys down the road, and will be the prime theme for kicking off “Castles” in the beginning of the new year. I  really hope you enjoy what’s coming and what this entire theme will entail and bring.

With many new journeys, chapters, and travels kicking off, something in which I’ve started awhile back as the final transition from “The Prologue Plains” to “Castles” will be making it’s way back onto the scene in 2013 as both apart of TheAdventEntries & The Virtual Cavern, this is “The Healing, The Rising”. Originally the final chapter to “The Prologue Plains” will soon become it’s stand alone meaning, mission, goal, and journey of it’s own side by TAE, and TVC2013. With the return of “The Healing, The Rising” it will, this time around, be strongly focused on the life of others, stories of others, and a journey of recovery and following dreams. While I plan for this to become eventually a permanent part of TVC2013, I cannot say the same for TAE, as of now it is undetermined. Nevertheless, please follow @AdventEntries on Twitter to help kick of “The Healing, The Rising’s” return in 2013!

What will now be the second year in the books since the birth of TAE, I welcome with open arms the year of 2013, and the new Advent that it shall bring with it. The new journey is only just getting started, now is the time to join the story, the life, the new world, Castles.




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The Healing: Unwanted Gravity

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If you have every struggled with something internally, you probably have experienced the unwanted pull in which whatever this negative force is has effect on you. It is truly quite miserable. In this time of healing, this pull, this desire to return to old, this law of unwanted gravity, must now be broken.

Within these Plains, much was lost,  fear, negative desires, old habits, and even connections that did not belong connected in the first place. Loosing some of these hurt more than others, however much is left remaining. I often find myself being pulled back to this wretched remaining pull, in which the Cavern walls have carved into my skin. Though now these plains offer a healing like non-other, a healing to the remains of what was done so long ago, to forget, to forgive, and to heal.

Though these beautiful dawns are now covered up by these morphing’s within the sky, making the remaining of my journey much darker than before, I still sense the warmth of the entire land, and what it has to offer. The darkness that has in which once drifted behind me, now seems faded. However, the winds to warn me of the mighty darkness that lies beyond these plains. Forcing my soul like never before, I shall let the wind rid this wretched gravity, and live freely from my sins in which have held me back before.



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